Create linear spaced vector?

John Hunter jdhunter at
Fri Dec 17 20:40:13 CET 2004

>>>>> "kjmacken" == kjmacken  <kjmacken at> writes:

    kjmacken> Thanks for the code snippets guys.  Exactly what I
    kjmacken> needed to get going.  I knew I could get the solution
    kjmacken> from matplotlib, but getting it installed using Fink (OS
    kjmacken> X) has been giving me a headache, so I thought I could
    kjmacken> just write my own function for now to get a small piece
    kjmacken> of code written....

Yes, matplotlib fink installs have frustrated many an OSX user.  Note
that the matplotlib.mlab package (where linspace and others functions
reside) do not require any extension code and can be reused anywhere
you like as python code by copying and pasting, etc.

Also, Robert Kern is in the process of building an "enthon" package
for OSX that has most of the utilities for scientific computing
including matplotlib built-in.  Batteries included on steroids,

So keep your eyes on that site for release information.


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