Win32 Libs for 2.4

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Tue Dec 7 20:27:11 CET 2004

Robin Becker wrote:
> I don't think this 
> forces the linker to load stuff from this module although I can see that 
> it might be dangerous depending on which obj files are seen first.

I think you are wrong. In the object, there will be simply a linker
command line option encoded; do "dumpbin /all foo.obj" to see the
linker options.

> I believe this is a weak reference from the documentation.

What makes you think so?: the linker option in the object file will
be added to the linker line, unconditionally.

> Fortunately I don't think this is a problem as Python24.dll also 
> references USER32.dll directly.

Yes, that user32.dll indirectly uses msvcrt.dll should be no problem.


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