Small Problem P 2.4 (line>2048 Bytes)

Michel Claveau - abstraction méta-galactique non triviale en fuite perpétuelle. unseulmcmcmcmc at msupprimerlepoint.claveauPOINTcom
Wed Dec 15 09:03:46 CET 2004

Hi, all !

I have un python script of 75 kB, who make a COM server. It's run OK with
Python 2.3 + PyWin + P.I.L.

But, with Python 2.4, I obtain a windows error (sorry, it's in french) :

        python.exe a rencontrée un problème, et doit fermer.

        erreur sur module: ntdll.dll

        Exception Information
        Code: 0xc0000005
        Flags: 0x00000000
        Record: 0x000000000000000
        Address: 0x0000000077f773905

I had try on three computers differents (XP SP1 and/or SP2) : it's same.

After search, I had found that the problem come from a "long line" (more
than 2048 caracters), with begin :
        mappingcharmaj = { chr(97):'A', chr(98):'B', chr(99):'C', ...

And, if I "break" in multiples lines, the problem is solved.

(I keep the script, to be able to repeat the error, upon request)

Therefore, I have a sufficient solution. But I want just to announce this
problem, which could have consequences, for other users.

*sorry for my bad english*

Michel Claveau

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