Best GUI for small-scale accounting app?

Gabriel Cosentino de Barros aut_gbarros at
Wed Dec 22 21:16:07 CET 2004

> I went w/wxPython for a second app because of its printing capabilities
> and the large number of controls that come with it.  Otherwise I would
> use pyFltk for small apps.

does FLK has any good positioning model now? Last time i checked i could
only put something in pixel(sic) x=10, y=10, width=100, height=100.

It's awfull because you have to write window resize code (argh) and the
widgets doesn't repect the font size if said user is using a resolution like
1900x1600 with DPI of almost 300 (my case hehe). Since your testing
enviroment probably was 800x600 with a DPI of no more then 100 you'r big
screen user will have fonts 1/3 of the desired size.

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