Python IDE

Chris ch.list at
Tue Dec 14 17:49:06 CET 2004

>> What IDE's do y'all recommend for Python?  I'm using PythonWin atm, 
>> but I'd like something with more functionality.
> Oh god we're all going to die.

-chuckle-  Hopefully I don't start off a full fledged war.-grin-

> But er, ActiveState Komodo is quite nice IIRC (can't use it anymore as 
> all my coding is commercial and I don't need it enough to spend that 
> much cash on it) but EditPlus is nice once you get it setup but not very 
> IDEy. Eclipse with one of the various Python modules is horrible don't 
> bother. There is of course always Emacs, but again it's hardly Visual 
> Studio (im only talking about the UI, emacs fans please dont flame me)
> Personally my vote goes for Komodo, it's at least worth a try with a 
> personal liscense.

Why didn't you like Eclipse?  Was it that the Python modules were bad, 
or just Eclipse in general?  I use it for my Java developement and 
haven't had any problems with it.


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