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Bob Gailer bgailer at alum.rpi.edu
Tue Dec 7 01:43:39 CET 2004

At 07:07 PM 12/5/2004, Alfred Canoy wrote:
>Please help me out:(.. I've been trying to figure this out for 2 days now..
>I don't know what to use to print  all the list of numbers. I hve know 
>idea how should I do this. I tried a lot of trial & error for the the def, 
>dict, .list( ). have no luck.
>I just need to find this out then I'm good to go for the whole thing. I 
>have save the other test source code for this problem. I just need to 
>combine it after I figure this out.
>Thank you all!
>Source code:
># compute the Mean, Median & Mode of a list of numbers:
>sum = 0.0
>print 'This program will take several numbers then average them'
>count = input(' How many numbers would you like to sum: ')
>current_count = 0
>freq = {}
>freq [current_count] = number
>while current_count < count:
>    current_count = current_count + 1
>    number = input ('Enter a number: ')
>    print "Number", current_count,":",number
>    sum = sum + number
>print " [x,...,x] ?"

It's hard to respond since there is so much amiss in your code. Inside the 
while loop you need to append each user entry to a list. Then you can print 
the list. Have you studied list operations in a tutorial?

Also it is unclear what you intend by freq [current_count] = number. There 
is no variable named "number" at that point in the program, so the program 
should crash at that statement. I think you want that statement inside the 
loop also, although it is not doing anything useful. If you want to capture 
frequencies you need to use the number as a dictionary key, and increment 
the value under that key.

Clean things up as best you can then come back for the next round.

Bob Gailer
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