Grig grig.gheorghiu at
Wed Dec 29 03:47:45 CET 2004

I just released a Python port of Mike Clark's JUnitPerf. I called it
pyUnitPerf and it's available at It is in a very early stage
of development, but I think it's pretty usable (and useful) as it is.

I already received an interesting comment from a hard-core Python user
from Switzerland:

"Problem with porting patterns/api's from java straight to python is
that most of the outcome feels unpythonic. I'll not go about my own
feelings python vs. java here now, but I just want to point out that
there's already a rather large core of hard-python users who refuse to
use pyUnit because of this, and pyUnitPerf's doomed to share this fate,
unless of course somebody decides along the way to make it sexy and
pythonic and takes on the trouble of lowering the red-flag again which
java has become to lots of folks."

My own experience with pyUnit has been very satisfactory and for me
personally pyUnitPerf scratches an itch.

I'm curious to find out more about people's feelings and opinions on
this. I don't want to begin a flame war, but my personal take on it is
that the various Java-based test frameworks are very useful and there's
a lack of corresponding frameworks in Python. I'm thinking about tools
such as HTTPUnit, Cactus, Abbot, The Grinder, and there are many
others. I'm happy to see Jython being used more and more in such tools
though (The Grinder, Test Maker, Marathon). 


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