from vb6 to Python

houbahop d.lapasset
Sun Dec 12 01:00:17 CET 2004

I have used VB6 a lot too and Python appears to me as a good alternative to 
.net too, but
the thing that will do the difference is the GUI... I hope the ones for 
Python are beautifull enough as appearence is an important thing to me in 

"MarcoL" <mlprog at> a écrit dans le message de news: 
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> Hello,
> I am a VB6 programmer and I would like to learn a new high level language 
> (instead of restarting from scratch with .NET), wich is opensource and 
> cross-platform, in order to develop cross-platform business applications
> I think Python is the most suitable language for the scope.
> My question are:
> - Which version of python is more suitable for creating cross-platform 
> GUI's? I've herard of PyGTK, wxPython, PyQT, tk, Anygui..
> - What is the best IDE/RAD for Python (written in Python and OpenSource)
> - Does exist a tool (written in Python and OpenSource) like Crystal Report 
> for creating business reports?
> - Does exist a tool (written in Python and OpenSource) for makeing tables, 
> view, querys, relation of a database and generate the SQL script?
> - Is it possible, from Python, to work with sqlite? And with MsAccess?
> Thanks for your patience and your help.
> Marco. 

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