Python for Series 60 update

Jukka Laurila jplauril at
Thu Dec 23 14:12:15 CET 2004

On Thu, 23 Dec 2004 06:52:28 +0800, Tim Hoffman <timh at> wrote:

> I did find a problem with it on my 7610.

> It works, but I had to hard code my bluetooth mac address (I assume
> thats what it is called in bluetooth).  The bt_discover() call
> didn't seem to find my host.

How did it fail? Did it simply not show your computer in the list or
did it hang indefinitely when connecting to it? Bluetooth discovery
has always been problematic, but connecting to a host directly using
the mac address has worked perfectly for months now. (I am one of the
developers in this project.)

Try doing the discovery again. Sometimes the phone just magically
discovers hosts it did not see ten seconds earlier. The discovery will
also fail if there already is a Bluetooth connection open, for example
the PC Suite can leave connections open that mess up the
discovery. You can force all connections to be terminated by turning
bluetooth on and off from the phone menu.

> from the console I could immediatly do xml-rpc calls
> to my favourite Zope/CMF instance over GPRS and it just worked.
> This is cool.

Yes, very :)

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