ming for python

titouille titi2027 at NOSPAM.netplus.ch
Tue Dec 7 19:55:09 CET 2004

Hello everybody !!

anyone has try to build ming0.3beta1 for python 2.3.3 under windows ??

Since three days, I try to build it with mingw32, and finally, I am 
stopped with C declarations error in src/actioncompiler/swf4compiler.y

If anyone has build with success ming (mingc.pyd) for python 2.3.3, can 
he please send me this file, or explain what I do to build it 
successfully ??

I have downloaded all software who are needed (bison, flex, mingw 
developer Studio to have make, dlltool, etc...) But finally, I'm not 
sure that I can compile theses sources with mingw...

I have followed instructions on

- http://www.u-blog.net/corailnumerique/2003/12/17 (in french, it's my 
mother tongue...) and

but no results...

If anyone has a solution, please help me :)


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