Clarification of two concepts (or maybe one?)

Eddie Parker eddie at
Fri Dec 10 21:34:05 CET 2004

Sorry, I’ve tried to search the web on this, but I’m still a little fuzzy. I
was hoping a quick e-mail might clear this up.

What I’m looking for, is a way to turn a python ‘application’, into a
‘stand-alone’ application. i.e., you don’t need the Python interpreter,
libraries, etc, installed on your hard drive. (I’m OK with .py files
existing – I just don’t want to have to bother the user to install more then
just my app). 


One alternative is to embed the Python interpreter in a C++ app, and then
just call the entry point... But I’m curious if there’s a better way?


On the unrelated (or maybe related) concept, the words “python freezing”
keeps buzzing around my subconscious. I’m not sure if this item can help me
in any such way, but I can’t find any good articles on what this phenomenon
*is*. Can anyone point me to a definitive web page that describe this, or
indicate if it *is* in fact what I’m looking for? (I’m probably way off base
on this one).


Anyhow, your help is most appreciated! Thank you!



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