Problem in threading

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Dec 30 22:59:44 CET 2004

Mike Meyer wrote:
> See <URL: > which
> clearly has the words "New in 2.4" on it. It also says that the
> threading module is loosely based on the Java model.  I may have
> misinterpreted what the "New in 2.4" applies to, which means that the
> comment about the Java model being new in 2.4 would be wrong.

You have misinterpreted that.  The "New in 2.4" part is not
so much "on" that page as it is "in" it, and specifically
it is right in the section on the new-to-2.4 class "local".

The rest of the threading module is basically unchanged since
a number of versions ago, but thanks for your clarification. :-)


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