Html or Pdf to Rtf (Linux) with Python

Cameron Laird claird at
Tue Dec 14 18:08:03 CET 2004

In article <slrncru049.bs9.axel at m2.sine>,
Axel Straschil  <axel at> wrote:
>Sorry Cameron, I was replying, now my folloup ;-):
>> Are you trying to convert one document in particular, or automate the
>> process of conveting arbitrary HTML documents?
>I have an small CMS System where the customer has the posibility to view
>certain Html-Pages as Pdf, the CMS ist Python based. I also thought
>passing the Url to an external converter Script, but found nothing ;-(
>> What computing host is available to you--Win*?  Linux?  MacOS?
>> Solaris!?
>> Is Word installed?
>> OpenOffice?
>> Why have you specified Python?
>Becouse I like Python ;-)
>The System behind generating the HTML-Code is written in Python.
That's a fine reason to use Python.  It helps me to know, though.

I do a lot of this sort of thing--automation of conversion between
different Web display-formats.  I don't have a one-line answer for
the particular one you describe, but it's certainly feasible.

I'm willing to bet there's an HTML-to-RTF converter available for
Linux, but I've never needed (more accurately:  I have written my
own for special purposes--for my situations, it hasn't been diffi-
cult) one, so I can't say for sure.  My first step would be to 
look for such an application.  Failing that, I'd script OpenOffice
(with Python!) to read the HTML, and SaveAs RTF.

I list a few PDF-to-RTF converters in <URL: >.
Again, I think there are more, but haven't yet made the time to 
hunt them all down.

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