Mir Nazim mirnazim at gmail.com
Sat Dec 4 07:02:51 CET 2004


I am a PHP developer and in trying to get a better tool for developing
web apps, I have been strugling with zope for past few months and
still could not get anything useful work up and going. I really felt
that "Z" shaped learning curve. Yesterday I was looking at quixote. I
was surprized how simple it is. I think quiote gives the power without
getting into the way. And in just a few hours I had quite a good
understanding of framework and actually got something up and working
(http://www.quixote.ca/learn/1). I feel  quixote is the simplest way
to develop powerful web apps. I needed a simple and powerfull web
framework to develop web apps that are NOT content oriented and where
mostly GUI clients have ruled. And I think quixote is just the tool
for me.

I also came across nevow. Its is also good, rather very good.
Especially Live Page is really cool idea. It really help separate
logic and presentation and is simpler than MVC thing that I could
never get a nack of.

Now I have three questions:

Q1) Is it possibe to use "Nevow + LivePage + Quixote" together in a
web app. Live Page is really important for me as I am not into content
oriented web apps.

Q2) Is is nessary that LivePage only with Twisted or can work with any
web server like Apache.

Q3) I cannot understand how to get quixote up and working under Apache
using mod_python, FastCGI, SCGI (I have used only mod_php). A link to
a tutorial will be good.

I saw a paper A. M. Kuchling (http://www.amk.ca/talks/quixote/) that
said that nevow can be used with quixote but it did not mention
anything of LivePage.

Please provide comments, Pros and Cons of the aproach. Links to
relevent articles and tutorials are really appreciated

Thanks in advance.

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