Help me asap!!

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at
Sat Dec 4 09:39:29 CET 2004

the_proud_family wrote:
> I can't get the ball to go up right side and then I need it to turn 
> around and keep turning until velocity=0 I have been at it for the 
> past 2 weeks now i give up and call for help. Please if anyone can 
> gide me through i will be so grateful!! I have pasted my code below

A few comments in the code stating what each section is *meant* to be doing 
might mean you actually got some useful responses (no guarantees, though).

However, the current state of the code, where the reader is left entirely to 
guess as to what the overall program is for, and what each section of the 
program is meant to be doing virtually guarantees that you *won't* get any help.

You could start by interpreting the cryptic comment above into something 
meaningful for anyone who doesn't already know what your assignment is.

You might even find that articulating things clearly lets you identify the 
problem for yourself.

Alternately, implement little pieces at a time, to make sure they work 
individually, then combine them to form the complete behaviour - don't try to 
write the whole thing in one hit (or you will get your current situation of "it 
doesn't work" with no idea which *bit* isn't working)


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