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Thu Dec 30 18:12:30 CET 2004

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> >From technical point of view, I could not understand the the reasoning
> behind using Java in major companies.  Sure that Python, is used in
> some, but still Java is considered as a sure-job language.
> After being a python programmer for long time, I consider it painful to
> learn/use Java now (well, like many I will be forced to do that in my
> job).
   > What makes such companies to choose Java over dynamic, productive
   > languages like Python?  Are there any viable, technical reasons for

Are there "viable, technical reasons"?  That would be doubtful.


There is a reason very important to major companies.
When you leave that company, there will be a *long* line of Java programmers
waiting to take your place.

There need be nothing "technical" about such a decision.
Thomas Bartkus

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