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BJörn Lindqvist bjourne at
Wed Dec 1 12:08:28 CET 2004

Some more decorator examples.

How to create abstract methods using an @absractmethod decorator:

Generics, property getters and setters. I don't know what these
decorators are supposed to do: -

And according to this,,
one use of decorators is to put a functions docstring before the def
f(): line like this:

@doc("""blabla does something.""")
def blabla():

Here is one decorator for optimizing:

I think the essence of decorators is that it makes it possible to do
in Python what you in other languages do with method qualifiers. This
declaration in Java

public synchronized static void doStuff()

would you write in Python as

def doStuff():

I haven't seen an example of a @synchronized decorator, but I assume
it is possible. Hopefully, it is possible to create a @private
decorator which throws some kind of exception when a private method is
accessed from outside the class. If that is possible, then it would
also be nice to have a @public decorator which doesn't do anything. As
far as I know, only two decorators are included in the standard
library in Python 2.4, @staticmethod and @classmethod. That is a
little unfortunate, because many more "obvious ones" could have been
included. The devs are probably planning to correct that in the coming
That is all I know about decorators. Or rather THINK I know from
reading stuff on the internet. Please don't flame me if I'm wrong. :)

mvh Björn

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