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Fri Dec 10 18:13:49 CET 2004

Dave Kuhlman wrote:
> 1. Read about ConfigParser here:

Thank you very for this link.

> 2. Read the traceback from the bottom up:  (1) The exception is
>    raised in on line 240 in function/method options.
>    (2) This was called from on line 895 in
>    function/method LeerConfig.

Should the changes be made in the newspipe/* directory only ? Or should 
I manage the ?

> 3. It's looking for a section named "NewsPipe" in your
>    options/config file.  Check your config file.  Is that
>    section name misspelled?  Is the section missing?  Does
>    the NewsPipe documentation tell you where the config file
>    should be and what it's name is?  If not, look in

According to the Newspipe documentation, only the 'smtp_server' 
and 'opml' lines are absolutely needed in

Please, see below:

Do you think any lines are missing ?

Unless, it could come from the OPML file ?

> Hope this helps.

Yes. But, unfortunately, not enough - it's hard to be a newbie. :-/

I thank you very much for your help.


@759 .beats, 2004-12-10

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