Best GUI for small-scale accounting app?

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Mon Dec 20 15:23:30 CET 2004

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>Here is another question, are you deploying in Linux, Windows, Mac, or
>some combination of these?  I think that may be a big factor to
>consider.  I do like the look of Qt under Linux, however, I have never
>seen it under Windows.  Qt seems to be very focused in Linux, with Mac
>and Windows support as a reluctant afterthought.

Server will run on Linux, clients on Windows (all those Windows
apps that workers typically use...). We're not excluding possible
deployment of some specialized workstations on Linux only,
however (thus one of the reasons for considering either wxWindows 
or QT is that they're cross-platform).

>I have used wxPython and PythonCard under Windows and Linux.  Under
>Windows, both of these are excellent, and allow you to do some very
>nice looking apps.  I love the way PythonCard separates the interface
>code from the rest of the app functionality.  

That's a strong pro, I don't like aspects of various problems
intertwining too much in a particular place in a program, I like to
keep them separate (that's one reason I don't like PHP very much,
where the "business logic" naturally wants to be "mixed" with PHP 
with HTML over the whole damn place - maybe it's possible to
keep all those separate in PHP but I don't see convenient ways of
doing that).

>PythonCard is a pleasure
>to use.  It is not quite finished, but its developers are now in the
>final stretch towards the final 1.0 version.

Too much of a good thing I guess. :-) Now the choice between
GUIs is harder for me instead of it being easier. ;-) But it's great
to know that Python can be used for serious GUI and other development,
it seems like it's not going to die...

>In Python, when you run into its speed limitations, you may have to
>resort to writing pure C.  

That's not an issue here, as I obviously am not going to write my
own DB server and I don't think accounting programming really
needs the speed of C.

>Similarly, when you run into a widget
>limitation in PythonCard, you may have to resort to pure wxPython code.

Hmm.. and if  I may ask, what limitations you have stumbled on?

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