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Mon Dec 27 14:37:29 CET 2004

LutherRevisited wrote:

> I'm wanting to put a listbox in the place of a textctrl I'm using in my
> application because I'm running out of space in my textctrl.  The online
> documentation is down at wxpython.org so I have no idea how to construct this
> control or anything.  Can someone help me out.  Here's what I'm doing with the
> WxTextCtrl:
> self.text_ctrl_4 = wx.TextCtrl(self, -1, "", style=wx.TE_MULTILINE)
> sizer_1.Add(self.text_ctrl_4, 6, wx.LEFT|wx.RIGHT|wx.EXPAND, 80)
> self.text_ctrl_4.AppendText(str(count) + '\t\t' + str(address) + '\t\t'
>             + str(pageNumber) + '\t\t' + str(pageArray[pageNumber, 1]) +'\r\n')
> I'm wanting to implement something similar with a listbox, any thoughts?

Well, my *first* thought was "Isn't a listbox supposed to allow choice 
between alternative? How can that substitute for what looks like a very 
complex text input?"

My second thought was "It's not very helpful to use a name like 
'text_ctrl_4' in the code".

I'm also not really sure what the double-tabs are supposed to do.

Perhaps you could explain exactly what you'd like your program to do 
here, as at present it's not even clear whether this code is intended to 
act as input as well as output? What's wrong with what happens now, and 
how would you like to change it?

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