Suggestion for "syntax error": ++i, --i

Pierre Barbier de Reuille pierre.barbier at
Tue Dec 14 12:29:03 CET 2004

Christian Ergh a écrit :
> Hmm, i never liked the i++ syntax, because there is a value asignment 
> behind it and it does not show - except the case you are already used to 
> it.
>  >>> i = 1
>  >>> i +=1
>  >>> i
> 2
> I like this one better, because you see the assignment at once, it is 
> easy to read and inuitive usability is given - in my opinion.
> Chris

IMO, there is an assignement only for languages like python ! (ie. 
reference languages)

In languages like C or C++ (in which variables correspond to values) it 
makes perfect sens to modify the current value by an operator.

Nevertheless, I agree with you concerning Python ! But not for C++ :)


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