PHP vs. Python

Paul Rubin http
Thu Dec 23 03:27:14 CET 2004

Jeremy Bowers <jerf at> writes:
> Your point is circular; "fast enough (right now)" can be defined as
> "doesn't need to scale (right now)".
> For any given server app, enough clients will bog it down. If you're
> trying to claim that PHP has less trouble with this, I've seen a lot of
> PHP sites go down under load, so it is clearly not a non-issue.
> Python's scaling isn't automatic, it's just easier to do.

I've never heard of any large sites being done in Python, with or
without scaling.  By a large site I mean one that regularly gets 100
hits/sec or more.  There are many sites like that out there.  Those
are the ones that need to be concerned about scaling.

For sites that get less traffic than that, they only reason they need
to scale if they're written in Python is that Python is too slow.

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