Another RegEx Question...

andrea.gavana at andrea.gavana at
Mon Dec 13 13:58:21 CET 2004

Hello NG,

      I'm quite new to Python and I don't know if this is a FAQ (I can't
find it) or an obvious question. I'm using the RE module in python, and I
would like to be able to contruct something like the Window$ "Find Files Or
Folders" engine. As the Window$ users know, you can filter the file names
using the character "*", as:

myfilen*                 (Will find a file named myfilenames)
*yf*nam*                (Will find a file named myfilenames)

I have tried something like:

import re
mystring = "*yf*nam*"
php = re.compile(mystring + "\w+")

But it does not work...

Is there a way to let the user of my application use the "*" character and
to do a Regular Expression search inside a Python code?

Thank you for every suggestion.


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