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LutherRevisited wrote:

> I have an application that uses a WxListCtrl to hold data that is updated
> extremely fast.  When I run my application the listctrl updates so fast that it
> practically disappears.  Is there a way I can have it update with the user
> seeing it update rapidly without the dissapearing?  Right now I have used the
> freeze and thaw methods to get rid of that disappearing listctrl problem, only
> now you have to wait for it to run it's course to see the output.  It really
> isn't critical, I just think it would be a cool visual if the user could see it
> rapidly updating, I'm beginning to think that because of how rapidly it updates
> that isn't possible, but if it is I appreciate any help.  And you guys would be
> so proud of me, I actually downloaded the Wx docs and found freeze and thaw all
> on my own under wxwindows  That's a quick note out to all that
> have been patient with me while helping me learn wxpython.

Well, the logical approach would seem to be to freeze, add a hundred 
items, thaw, freeze, add a hundred items, thaw ... [rinse and repeat].

Basically, control the repainting so it only occurs (relatively) 

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