Looking for a coder to do some work

Cameron Laird claird at lairds.us
Tue Dec 14 15:08:05 CET 2004

In article <1103028902.632181.141070 at z14g2000cwz.googlegroups.com>,
Allan Irvine <airvine at ayrsoft.com> wrote:
>> Hope this is the right place for this, I am new. I have a spec to
>> a (dual screen) framework application that
>> 1 displays mp3, flash, jpegs etc. on top screen
>> 2: displays buttons on bottom screen which alter image when a key is
>> pressed.
>> The hardware is a dell pc basically, no mouse and the keyboard is a
>> simple 8 key pad that outputs numbers 1-8 (I think but can be
>> I am looking for the best way to create this and tools to use etc.
>> The system is basically an information kiosk like you see in airports
>> etc. the presentation screen on top may show several borderless
>> containing differing media.
>> Hope you can help - any thoughts welcome
>Am willing to pay fort hsi to be done

I don't understand the last sentence; in particular, "fort hsi" is
beyond my power to decode unambiguously.

I suspect that others have more current experience with kiosk-style
setups.  It strikes me that Python might have a particular advantage
at work such as this, which combines curses-level input with graphical
output.  I suspect a VB, or, more generally, "forms painter" programmer
would be lost without his usual point-and-click model, while, to 
Tkinter of wxPy, it's all just scripts anyway.

What's your real target?  Do you want to program this yourself, and
just get help, or do you prefer a specialist just create a turnkey
package and hand it over to you?

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