Boo who? (was Re: newbie question)

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Wed Dec 22 02:50:41 CET 2004

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> Terry Reedy wrote:

In response to a claim (I presume by LG and snipped by LG) that Boo is as 
related to Python as PyPy or Stackless, I wrote.

>> but I think this is silly.

The 'this' that I referred to as silly was the equality part of the claim, 
not that that Boo has *some* relation to Python.  I tried to explain by 
continuing ...

>>  PyPy is an alternate implementation of Python,
>> not a different language.  Stackless is a compiled extension, like many
>> others, that works with the standard implementation or maybe still a
>> minor modification thereof.

> you're right, but what when I say "python related", I mean that it has
> something or a lot in common with python,

I did not and do not dispute that Boo has some (lesser) degree of 
relatedness.  I continued by suggesting that it was about the same as for 
Prothon.  That there are differences in degree of relatedness was my point.

Nor did I or would I claim that the lesser degree of either is so low that 
neither should ever mentioned here.

Terry J. Reedy

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