Best book on Python?

Maurice LING mauriceling at
Mon Dec 13 01:04:21 CET 2004

Michael McGarry wrote:
> I have many years of programming experience and know a little bit of 
> Tcl. I am looking for a book to detail on the features including GUI in 
> a reference style.
> Thanks,
> Michael

I am assuming that you do not want to venture pass the standard 
libraries at this moment, so in terms of GUI, Tkinter is about the only 
choice within the standard libraries.

"Programming Python, 2nd Ed." has a good section of Tkinter and GUI 

You might want to search thru Amazon for Tkinter and find something to 
your satisfaction.

Pass the standard libraries, there are other GUI kits like wxPython etc 
etc., each carries a set of online documentations.


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