Seeking Python + Subversion hosting.

Roy Smith roy at
Mon Dec 6 14:46:25 CET 2004

tom at (Tom Locke) wrote:
> Anyone know of a good hosting company that offers both server-side
> Python and a subversion repository?

Panix ( has svn and python installed on their unix hosts.  
You could certainly do CGI in python.  Don't know if they have 
mod_python available or not.

Support and customer care couldn't be better.  These guys started as a 
BBS in the founder's apartment 20 years ago, and haven't lost that 
personal touch while growing the business into a serious commercial 

I don't know how their pricing works out for serious web hosting.  I pay 
$100/year for my unix shell account, mostly to get mail and news, but it 
includes some low-limit web hosting which I only play around with once 
in a while.  A higher-quota web hosting arrangement with your own domain 
name, etc, would certainly cost you more than $100/year.

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