What is on-topic for the python list [was "Re: BASIC vs Python"]

Doug Holton insert at spam.here
Wed Dec 22 00:46:25 CET 2004

Hans Nowak wrote:
>>  > The discussion with Logo and other languages in it was off-topic too,
>>  > but it wasn't offensive to anyone.
>> I'm not going to dignify that or the rest of your note with a response.
> No, by all means, let's ignore any pieces of a post that might lead to 
> constructive discussion.
> Well, it's been fun, but I really don't have time for this.  If we 
> cannot end this thread with some kind of mutual understanding, then I 
> will end it unilaterally.  You have the dubious honor of being the first 
> person in my killfile since 1997.

You've yet again confirmed that your only point in this whole thread was 
to be disrepectful and complain about what offends you.  And you end it 
with yet more parting insults.  If you had better articulated what you 
really meant at the beginning, I never would have responded to you.

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