What is on-topic for the python list [was "Re: BASIC vs Python"]

Hans Nowak hans at zephyrfalcon.org
Tue Dec 21 22:31:29 CET 2004

Doug Holton wrote:
> Hans Nowak wrote:
>>> You said that boo should not be mentioned on this newsgroup.  
>> Please point me to the post where I said that.  Since everything is 
>> stored in Google Groups, it should be easy for you to come up with an 
>> URL... if such a post existed.
> Quote:
> "this is comp.lang.python, not comp.lang.boo."

Which is obviously not the same as "Boo should not be mentioned on this 
newsgroup".  I suppose you can interpret this any way you want.  One 
can take it as an attempt at censorship.  But it was actually meant as 
part of an explanation why people were giving you a hard time.

The discussion with Logo and other languages in it was off-topic too, 
but it wasn't offensive to anyone.  In fact, it actually adds to the 
richness of this newsgroup.

Look, let's get this thing out of the way.  It has already taken up too 
much energy from everyone involved.  I apologize if you were under the 
impression that I tried to tell you what to say and what not to say in 
this newsgroup.  I intended to do no such thing.  Now maybe we should 
let it rest and go write some nice code.

Hans Nowak

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