Tricks to install/run Python on Windows ?

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Mon Dec 27 03:39:32 CET 2004

Try running with the latest version of Python 2.3 instead of 2.4.   May be
you would have better luck.

I've found similar stability problems with some of the tools (eventhough
they have 2.4 releases) as well.

I switched back to 2.3 and so far I have no complains.

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> Hi,
> I'm new to Python.  I'm working under XP, and I've alot of prob. (not
> with the langage itself, but with the tools):
> I've install Pyhton 2.4 in C:\Python24, using the .msi windows installer.
> Then, I've install "PythonWin" (the last build-203).
> I'll try to summerize my prob.:
> 1./ The PythonWin IDE is not stable at all.  Sometimes it exit without
> reason, or don't stop on breakpoint, etc...  Are some of you aware of
> bugs in the last PyhtonWin IDE release ?  I've to open the TaskManager.
>   AT some point, i'm not able to (p.e.) open a file under it !!!
> 2./ I've try to download Komode (he 3.1 personnal).  I've also prob.
> with it !  Also, the breakpoint seems to not always work...
> 3./ So, i've try to use the command line, but i've to manualy change the
> code page od my dos box from 437 to 1252 (i'm live in belgium).  And
> i've not try how to do that permanently !
> 4./ Before, I had Python23 and it seems that when unstalling it, all the
> keys in the registry are not removed at all.  When i've install the 2.4,
> I had a mismatch which force me to complety re-install the machine (I'm
> not an expert of the registry)...
> 5./ Installing komodo seems to "block" pythonwinIDE completly...
> What's wrong ?  Python seems terific, but the tools...
> So... maybe i've to try BlackAdder ?

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