do you master list comprehensions?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Dec 13 22:48:53 CET 2004

Max M wrote:

>> I tried funnies like [[w for w in L] for L in data],
>> that is correct syntax, but you'd never guess.
> That is absolutely correct. It's not a funnie at all. If you find it odd it's only because you are 
> not used to list comprehensiones.

well, syntactically correct or not, it doesn't do what he want...

> In that case you might be more comfortable with:
> data = [['foo','bar','baz'],['my','your'],['holy','grail']]
> result = []
> for l in data:
>     result += l

how about (slightly evil):

    result = []; map(result.extend, data)


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