Newbie: A very basic problem related to

Ali ali.jan at
Mon Dec 20 16:09:54 CET 2004

>1. When you tried "import" from the interactive prompt,
>was that really what you typed? Because that's not a valid
>import statement for the cgi module. You should have done
>"import cgi" instead.

import cgi was giving me the same error, because it was importing from
the cgi.pyc?

>3. There's something strange about that traceback, I
>think. Why does it show the doc-string for the module,
>and why does it show a comment after the "line 6" line?
>Did you hand-edit this before posting it?

nope, i didn't edit anything...

> maybe of the forehead-slapping kind.
Thanks for the reply, yes it was :)

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