using cmd.exe as a telnet client

Grant Edwards grante at
Fri Dec 3 23:49:34 CET 2004

On 2004-12-03, Donnal Walter <donnal at> wrote:

> Several months ago I tried using the telnet module (on Windows XP) to 
> communicate with a proprietary host on our network. This was 
> unsuccessful due to problems with "option negotiation", and I gave up on 
> the project for a while. I still have need for this, however, so I 
> recently started thinking about alternatives. I suppose I could dig deep 
> enough into option negotiation to use the socket module (with telnet as 
> a guide), but I am hoping to find a way to use fewer synapses.

You don't have to start from scratch. The telnet module has
hooks built-into it1 so that you can have it call your routines
to handle option negotiation.  I did it once to impliment some
extra Telnet protocol features, and it wasn't difficult.

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