Python 2.3.5 ?

Stefan Behnel behnel_ml at
Wed Dec 8 17:10:57 CET 2004


the way you read
it doesn't reflect
why top-posting is bad:

It's me wrote:
> Not to mention that there are packages out there that doesn't work (yet)
> with 2.4.  Pynum is one such package.
> --
> It's me
> "Larry Bates" <lbates at> wrote in message
> news:NsGdnfck-sOMsivcRVn-3w at
>>Just because 2.4 arrives doesn't mean that ALL work is stopped
>>on 2.3.  It is quite common to have releases overlap.  The very
>>newest release is put out (2.4) , but bugs are still being fixed
>>in older (2.3).
>>Larry Bates
>>Luis M. Gonzalez wrote:
>>>I'm confussed...
>>>Python 2.4 (final) hs been released a few days ago, but now I see that
>>>Python 2.3.5 is being worked on.
>>>Why? What does it mean?

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