Tabnanny really useful?

Yet Another Mike saynotodevilspam at
Tue Dec 21 19:34:26 CET 2004

I'm told Tabnanny was inspired by lint, the Unix utiltity to check C sources 
(and probably others).  Lint was primarily useful in days long ago when CPUs 
were slow and a compile used a significant amount of resources. In a 
multiuser environment (we ran an Intel 286 in multiuser mode!!), the 
compiles could bring everyone else to a crawl. Lint was used because it was 
a less-CPU intensive way to catch bonehead errors and fix them before using 
precious compile time.

Today,lint and Tabnanny may still have their uses as noted by others to 
cleanup the tab/space conundrum.

"Franz Steinhaeusler" <franz.steinhaeusler at> wrote in message 
news:envds0pfjnbenoll9nh9b4l5tca4kn9d00 at
> Hi, I looked at tabnanny to check
> a python source file.
> But I didn't find anything, tabnanny
> is able to find, what couldn't be found
> by compile command.
> Or have I missed something?
> best regards,
> -- 
> Franz Steinhaeusler 

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