getting env variable from bourne shell script

biner biner.sebastien at
Tue Dec 21 16:51:53 CET 2004


  I have file called PARAMETRES that is used in bourne shell script to
define variable. In order to do so I put a ". PARAMETRES" line and the
script has acces to all the variable defined in the PARAMETRES file.

  Now, I would like to be able to get the same thing in python. I
googled and played with os.system to try to come up with something but
no success so far. I also tryed exec but it doesn't work becaus a lot
of string variable difined in the PARAMETRES file do not have the '
sign needed in python string.

  for example. Let's say I have a file PARAMETRES containing
TOTO=whatever, I would like to have a command to read that file and
have the variable TOTO='whatever' in python.

Thanks for any help.


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