Language fluency (was Re: BASIC vs Python)

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Sun Dec 19 22:22:03 CET 2004

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>Aahz wrote:
>> In fact, in some ways my fluency has degenerated now that I'm
>> focusing on writing code for production.
>I'm curious about that last statement. Are you saying that if you
>write, full time, code for "production", that fluency will decrease? Or
>that the nifty recent features of Python (generators, etc.) are not
>useful in "production" code?

Well, much of my code is maintenance rather than new code, which limits
my ability to use newer features (such as new-style classes).  In
addition, our base version is currently still 2.2 (because that's what
ships with RH9).  Finally, I just don't have as much time for the Python
community, which is where I've picked up much of my expertise over the

I'm not suggesting that my experience is indicative of what anyone else
would experience, though; it's just an interesting datapoint.
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