GUIs: wxPython vs. Tkinter (and others)

Erik Johnson spam at
Fri Dec 10 20:08:10 EST 2004

    I am looking for some input on GUI libraries. I want to build a
Python-driven GUI, but don't really understand the playing field very well.
I have generally heard good things about wxPython. I happen to already own
John Grayson's book about Tkinter programming, so that is rather handy if I
decide to use Tkinter. I have done some things slightly more involved than
"Hello World" in Tkinter - I have never used wxPython. So, basically the
points I am looking to have illuminated are:

    o What features does wxPython offer that Tkinter cannot (and vice
    o Is the general programming methodology pretty much the same between
the two (e.g., the general program structure - using callbacks & Frames,
etc. is the same, it's just a question of calling different widgets with
their own arguments)?
    o Do you have a strong preference for one over the other (or some other
toolkit)? Why?
    o Are there any platform and/or performance issues I should be aware of?
    o Is animation and graphics particularly better suited to one over the
    o Other important contrasts/similarities I should be aware of?

    So... I know this question must come up fairly often. I did do a search
for "wxPython" and "Tkinter" - of the articles I currently have visibility
of, I saw one bug in wxPython discussed and nothing about Tkinter. Anything
else than can contribute to a "bird's eye view" understanding of the two (or
other) toolkits would be appreciated.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


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