Is Python good for graphics?

Doug Holton insert at
Thu Dec 16 08:04:45 CET 2004

Esmail Bonakdarian wrote:
> First of all, I *really* like Python ;-)
> I need some help with the graphical side of things. I would like to do
> some basic graphics with Python, but I am not sure what the best/most
> effective way for me to do what I want.
> Basically, I would like to be able to create some basic animations
> where I can help visualize various sorting algorithms (for instance
> or graph searches (coloring nodes as each gets visited). (Something
> like this:
> Or to create and manipulate programmatically a simple 2-D block puzzle
> (like this:
> Note, the ability to do this via the web would be nice, but definitely
> is *not* required at the moment.

I'll tell you know it's not going to be so easy.  There isn't something 
in python like flash.  But here are some options:

See pyxel for python:
and pygame:
Gato, the graph animation toolkit, is implemented in python and tkinter:

You know you can use java with python, too.  It's called jython.  You 
could use jython to interface the open source physics toolkit, for 
See also the Jython Environment for Students (JES).  A book about it is 
supposed to be published tomorrow actually.

And you can use a python-like language for .NET called boo with the 
Piccolo.NET structured graphics toolkit:
or these graph drawing toolkits:

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