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Robert Brewer wrote:
>Okay. It depends on where you're getting that capability information from,
but the simplest approach I can >
>think of would be to stick it in the class:
>class API(object):
>    __metaclass__ = MetaAPI
>    capmap = global_map_getter(usercontext_or_keyring)
>...then "capmap" should be available within MetaAPI.__init__:
>class MetaAPI(type):
>    def __init__(cls, name, bases, dct):
>        for name, method in dct['capmap']:
>            setattr(cls, name, method)
>Of course, all of this could be done without using a metaclass--just call
setattr as needed right after your >class is defined. Another option would
be to immediately follow your API class definition with a call like:
>from myframework import captools
>class API(object):
>    def foo():
>        pass>
>...the choice comes down IMO to what you think will be the most
usable/maintainable by those who follow you.

Thanks for your help Robert. I'm still not understanding what I am seeing.
I've forgotten about the objective for the moment. I just want to understand

The code I have is below, in 3 separate files, the capability, the metaclass
and the API class. Sorry it's a bit rubbish at the moment.

When I run this I get:

>>> import api
{'_API__cap': {'MyRig': ['mode', 'mute'], 'SDR1000': ['mode', 'blanker',
'mute'], 'YourRig': ['mode', 'blanker']}, 'radio': 'SDR1000', '__module__':
'api', '__metaclass__': <class 'meta.autoprop'>}
Set property  SDR1000 mode
Set property  SDR1000 blanker
Set property  SDR1000 mute
>>> a = api.API()
>>> a.mode
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<pyshell#2>", line 1, in ?
AttributeError: 'API' object has no attribute 'mode'
>>> a.mode = 10
>>> a.mode

Two things I don't understand. __init__ gets called when I import api, not
when I create an instance of API so the capability is set in stone on the
import and I can't change it. Second when I try to read attribute 'mode' (or
any other valid attribute) I get an error. If I set it to some value and
read it it's there. I know I am not actually using the capability out of the
dict at the moment because I just haven't looked to see how to dig it out
yet but it is passed in because it prints out ok.


Capability class ...
class Capability(object):
    global m_radio
    m_radio = '' 
    m_cap = {
            'SDR1000': ['mode','blanker','mute'],
            'MyRig': ['mode','mute'],
            'YourRig': ['mode', 'blanker']
    def setRadio(radio):
        global m_radio
        m_radio = radio
    def getRadio():
        global m_radio
        return m_radio
    setRadio = staticmethod(setRadio)
    getRadio = staticmethod(getRadio)

Metaclass class ...
import capability

class autoprop(type):
    def __init__(cls, name, bases, dict):
        super(autoprop, cls).__init__(name, bases, dict)

        print dict

        def _get_mode(self):
            return self.__mode
        def _set_mode(self, mode):
            self.__mode = mode
        def _get_blanker(self):
            return self.__blanker
        def _set_blanker(self, blanker):
            self.__blanker = blanker
        def _get_mute(self):
            return self.__mute
        def _set_mute(self, mute):
            self.__mute = mute
        # need to dig this out the dict
        radio = capability.Capability.getRadio()
        __cap = capability.Capability.m_cap
        # set capability as properties
        for i in range(len(__cap[radio])):
            if __cap[radio][i] == 'mode':
                print 'Set property ', radio, 'mode'    
                mode  = property (eval('_get_'+__cap[radio][i]),
            elif __cap[radio][i] == 'blanker':
                print 'Set property ', radio, 'blanker' 
                blanker  = property (eval('_get_'+__cap[radio][i]),
            elif __cap[radio][i] == 'mute':
                print 'Set property ', radio, 'mute'
                mute  = property (eval('_get_'+__cap[radio][i]),

Api class ...
import meta
import capability

class API(object):
    __metaclass__ = meta.autoprop
    # Get the capability context
    radio = capability.Capability.getRadio()
    __cap = capability.Capability.m_cap

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