New versions breaking extensions, etc.

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Mon Dec 13 22:08:02 CET 2004

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>Jive wrote:
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>> > OTOH, people who only have VC6 just need to buy VS.NET 2003,
>> > which is still available.
>> I don't even know how to do that! :-)  What's the difference between
>> .net Standard and Visual Studio .net Pro?  (Besides $370?)  Is the
>> C++ only, but with the IDE, and the later the whole shebang with
>> VBASIC, and all that?
>> OH NO!  I've gone seriously off-topic.  Please don't call the Spanish
>> Inquisiton.  Allow me to re-phrase the question:  What do I need to
>> (on-topic) Python extensions?
>Short answer to Jive's question: (1) free non-MS C compiler (either
>MinGW or Borland) (2) inner calm.
>I really can't understand what all the screaming and yelling is about.
>Windows Python is built using an MS compiler. Those extension
>developers who can't/won't buy the MS compiler use either the free
>MinGW compiler or the free Borland 5.5 compiler (or both!). Yes, you
?  As I read your description, it obscures the existence of 
the free lcc and the no-charge Microsoft compilers <URL: > (along
with such other popular alternatives as Cygwin, the Intel
compiler, ...).

It's been years since I've tried any of these with Python.
They *ought* to work, though ...

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