New versions breaking extensions, etc.

Jeremy Bowers jerf at
Sat Dec 11 21:08:04 CET 2004

On Sat, 11 Dec 2004 01:28:45 -0600, Mike Meyer wrote:
> Actually, there's a problem on Unix that may not exist on
> Windows. Python is installed in <PREFIX>/lib/python<version>/. This
> lets us have multiple versions of Python installed at the same time,
> which is a good thing.
> ...
> The real solution is...

Interestingly, I saw you going somewhere else for this. I expected,

"The real solution is, at least for the pure Python packages, a
system-wide directory for those, reserving site-packages for things that
are truly version specific."

I'm not sure I'm ready to "propose" this yet, but thoughts? Bad idea, good

Obviously it isn't perfect, but it seems to me that reverse compatibility
has been good enough for a while now that the imperfections are minor in

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