Updating file objects automatically

Jorge Luiz Godoy Filho godoy at ieee.org
Thu Dec 30 04:15:16 CET 2004


I have the following situation where I only open the file on the Search
class (where it should be used more often) and I want to reutilize search
methods to find the exact location of where the changes should occur.  In
code terms, I have something like:

class Search(object):
        def __init__(self, fileToRead):
                self.fileToRead = open(fileToRead)
        (definition of several search methods)

class Writer(Search):
        def __init__(self, fileToRead, fileToWrite=None):
                super(Writer, self).__init__(fileToRead)
                super(Search, self).__init__(fileToRead)
        (definition of write methods)

        def exampleMethod(self):
                place = self.searchSomeParticularCondition() # method from Search
                place.change.values('old', 'new')
                self.fileToRead.write(all_things) # object from Search

search = Search('someFile')
print "Information:", search.something()
change = Writer('someFile')
# here if I do another search, with "search.something('id')" I get the old 
# value ...
print search.something('id') # prints old data
# ... I want the new one, so I reassign the search instance:
search = Search('someFile')
print search.something('id') # prints new data

Is there something I can do to change all instances of the Search class? 
Are there different alternatives for such a "thing"?

Thanks in advance,
Godoy.     <godoy at ieee.org>

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