OmniORB(py) compared to ICE? (was: ANNOUNCE: Ice 2.0 released)

Wolfgang Keller wolfgang.keller.nospam at
Wed Dec 15 22:48:37 CET 2004

> "The Internet Communications Engine (Ice) is a modern alternative to 
> object middleware such as CORBA™ or COM/DCOM/COM+. Ice is easy to learn, 
> yet provides a powerful network infrastructure for demanding technical 
> applications. Ice shines where technologies such as SOAP or XML-RPC are 
> too slow, or do not provide sufficient scalability or security.

Did anyone (preferrably someone who's independent from the suppliers - no
flamewars please) ever compare OmniORB and ICE, especially the Python
interfaces of both, concerning:

- functionality offered
- development efficiency
- performance & ressource requirements
- stability, implementation quality etc.?


Best regards,

Wolfgang Keller

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