Newbie namespace question

Brandon bcarlso at
Wed Dec 22 21:47:52 CET 2004


You're correct about the bug.  I did need a 'self' parm...  I was just
winging the example because the actual code is pretty large.  I'm using
google groups for my posting and it didn't carry spaces through (I did
use spaces and not tabs).

The "fix" or workaround was to import __builtin__ and add the
AdminConfig reference there in as follows:

import __builtin__
__builtin__.AdminConfig = AdminConfig

As for the indentations, substitute ~ with a space.

Hopefully, a bug free and "indented" version.  :)
class DataSource:
~~~def __init__(self, servername):
~~~~~~self.servername = servername

~~~def create(self, name, connectionInfo, etc):
~~~~~~#Call the IBM supplied WebSphere config object

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