Tkinter vs wxPython

Bernd Schmidt Bernd_Schmidt-SH at
Thu Dec 30 02:48:47 EST 2004

Thomas Bartkus schrieb:

> When run under Linux, my wxPython programs follow the look and feel of my
> Gnome desktop.  When the same program is run on Windows, it follows that
> desktop theme. Both Gnome and Windows XP alter the the controls design
> according to user preferences.  wxPython GUIs reflect this automatically and
> the controls always look and work like the underlying system.

Sure, but on my Linux, I use KDE, never Gnome, other people use 
Windowmaker or something else. wxPython with KDE-Look? What is the 
native look with wxPython and KDE? I don't think there is something like 
this, and the problem is that there isn't a free QT on Windows.


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