wxPython to build an HTML analyser/displayer?

Roger Binns rogerb at rogerbinns.com
Thu Dec 2 01:57:45 CET 2004

"Luke Skywalker" <luke at tatooine.planet> wrote in message news:eigsq0db4c6r9cse8gi410j6ihuo1k89kf at 4ax.com...
> Does wxWidgets offer an HTML displayer widget,

Yes.  In general it is highly recommended to download wxPython
and the associated demo app.  The demo app shows every single
widget so you get an idea of what is available, what they look
like and you can examine the demo code to see how they are used.

> and is it good enough?

Unlikely.  It is a simple HTML viewer and doesn't support stylesheets
amongst other things.  (It does support adding your own tags,
widgets and virtual filesystems though).  More details are at
(The "Tags supported by wxHTML 75% of the way down will be useful
 information for you)

However the good news is you have two alternatives.  One is that
on Windows you can use the IE HTML display widget directly.  See
the demo.

If you need to be cross platform then wxMozilla is worth looking at
(which is apparently active despite appearing dormant).  Start at


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