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Ishwor ishwor.gurung at
Sun Dec 26 03:37:56 CET 2004

On 25 Dec 2004 18:20:39 -0800, John Machin <sjmachin at> wrote:
> Ishwor wrote:
> > i was just tinkering with it actually. ;-)
> > In your command prompt just do
> > Pythonwin.exe /run "C:\Python24\file\PyFiles\"
> It's not a very good idea to store your own scripts in the PythonXY
> directory -- other than tested working modules which you install in
> PythonXY\lib\site-packages.
> E.g. what will you do when Python 2.5 arrives?
okay. ;-)
First of all, the question Steve posted was "Anyone know if there is a
similar option to PythonWin?  I looked around a bit, but couldn't find
Second of all, the script doesn't pollute Python*XY* directory because
it doesn't live there ;-)
I created the pythonwin.bat in C:\ 
Inside the pythonwin.bat i added the following lines
@echo off
start C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\pythonwin\Pythonwin.exe /run
"C:\Python24\file\PyFiles\" (sorry i put extra "" in earlier
post. This is the right one)
Thirdly when Python2.5 arrives, i just change the directory in the
batch script. ;-)
Thank you.

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Ishwor Gurung

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