Tkinter vs wxPython

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Dec 28 16:36:02 CET 2004

Esmail Bonakdarian wrote:
> I will have about 2 weeks to pursue some Python related activities and
> would like to learn more about the graphical end of things. In that
> vein I would like some opinions regarding Tkinter and wxPython.

This is an area where personal preference reigns strong.
You really ought to try both out.  Following through a
tutorial or examining some example code and trying to
make a few changes on your own will give you a far better
perspective than anything you learn from others here.

For example, I see "flaxeater" has just said that Tkinter
is "the easiest to use".  I, however, found it anything
but, and had no end of trouble figuring out how to make it
do the things I wanted.  In spite of its "better" documentation,
too, I might add.

When I switched to wxPython, I faced some of the typical
wxPython issues (the docs simply aren't as good), and yet
I was able to make progress faster and get closer to my
goals.  The demo program, for example, is worth its weight
in gold.  (Well, bad analogy in the computer world. :-(   )

Try them both out for an hour or two, and go with whichever
one "feels right".  You very likely won't be making a mistake.


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